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What the heck is a copywriter, and why do I need one?

What the heck is a copywriter, and why do I need one?

Geek with laptopWondering what a copywriter is, exactly? You’re not alone!

It’s not a term that’s in popular use, and you might assume a copywriter has something to do with copyright law (nope, confusingly the words sound the same). Or maybe you’re thinking the sleazy world of Mad Men (nope, too busy working for those shenanigans).  Here’s what a copywriter really does, and how one will help your small business grow:

In a nutshell, we write words or text that persuades people to do something.

That something might be to click on a link, to buy your product, to donate, to visit, to sign up for a newsletter…you get the idea!

There’s a copywriter for anything that needs persuasive words; letters, billboards, radio ads, jingles. The list is endless, but most copywriters will specialise in one area. Online content (like me), direct mail experts, technical or legal writing, and so on. So it’s a good idea to shop around for a copywriter who will write the stuff you want.

If I’m writing content for you, here’s what I do:

  1. Tons of research

And I mean tons. I’ll look at your industry, the people who buy from you, why they buy from you. Their demographic, and their hopes and dreams if I can. Then I analyse your competition to find out what makes you different – and better than your competition. I’ll look at the keywords and search phrases your customers use.

  1. Writing

Now I’ve the background info, I write your content using language that connects with your target audience. This is really important – if you want to sell lipstick to a teenager, what you’ll need to say is a world away from what you’d say to a Grandma, for example! And I’ll make it really easy (and desirable) for the reader to take action – to buy or click.

  1. Editing

Here’s where I get a bit obsessive. Your message has to be perfect! Clear, concise and compelling. I check every word and if it doesn’t work, I throw it out. I’ll make sure your content has the right keywords to get you ranked on Google when your customers search. Next I proofread, so your message is ready to go live.

Why do you need a copywriter, anyway?

OK, of course I’m biased, but if you run a small business you’ll benefit from hiring a copywriter. Here’s why:

You get your time back

Writing persuasive, compelling content is hard. It’s actually a skill that takes a lot of practice. Factor in the challenges of writing for the web such as making text super-easy to scan, and including keywords to boost your Google rank, and you could be spending hours, days, even weeks trying to get it right!

A copywriter can step into your customer’s shoes and write effective content much faster, letting you get on with running your business.

The words you use to market your small business are vital

Nowadays people check you out online before parting with their money. They don’t look at your products in your shop. They don’t call in to ask about your services. Even if you’ve a bricks and mortar store, your potential customers will look up your website and social media first. And they’ll be doing the same for your rival businesses, too.

And online, it’s the written word that sells. People will choose the business with the most clear and engaging content, the best product description, the best relationship with customers on social media. With a copywriter on side, your business will have the edge.

Invest in a pro and you’ll profit, long term

With the right words to describe your product and connect with the people who will buy from you, your small business can flourish.

Well-written content will boost your rep on social media and give you an effective online presence. With a strong, clear message customers will remember you, trust you and come back for more. Invest in a copywriter, and you reap the rewards with more profits.

I hope that helps clear up what a copywriter does and why it’s good business sense to use one. Anything to add?  Have your say in the comments. And feel free to hit those buttons below and share this post.

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