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Get the low-down on my copywriting rates, how I work to help your business and more

Not sure if I’m the right copywriter for you? I’ve compiled a handy list of FAQs to help you decide. But don’t hesitate to contact me if you prefer – I’m always happy to help.

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Where are you based?

I’m based in sunny Manchester, but I can provide copywriting services for you wherever you are. All you need is email access and to set aside a little time to discuss your business and what you’d like to achieve with your content.

If a page of my website doesn’t need much written content, will you still charge for it?

No. Provided I’m writing other pages for you, I don’t charge for writing copy for a page that doesn’t need much text on it – for example, an image gallery that just needs a short introduction.

And what if I’ve a webpage that needs lots of text – do you still charge £40?

My writing is concise, clear and tells the visitor what they need to know – which is what your webpage should be! So it’s rare for a well-written page to incur an extra charge because of its length. Please note, if your website’s structure is a single page split into sections, I’ll charge £40 per section.

Can you design my website as well as write the content?

I’ve an experienced web developer in-house who will design your website for a very competitive rate. If you need both web design and content, we work as a team to put it all together for you. Very helpful if you’ve a busy schedule! If you’d like a website built from scratch complete with content, get in touch with me.

Do I need to send you a deposit before you start writing my content?

No. I send your invoice when the work’s completed including any revisions, and you’ve 30 days from the date on your invoice to pay me. I accept BACS and PayPal.

If you write a blog post for me, can you source an image for it, too?

Yes! Keyword research and a feature image is included in my rate. The image is important to help set the tone of the post, and I take care to select an image that evokes that tone. But of course you can choose your own if you prefer.

Why do you charge more for writing blog posts than webpages?

While your webpage is a clear summary of what you do, blog posts need to be more in-depth, so it takes me more time to research and write them. Because detailed, informative posts are more helpful to your readers, they win brownie points with Google and can boost your SEO. You can find out more about the benefits of blogging in my blog post (see what I did there?)

What if I want my content amended?

That’s fine. I can tweak your content so it’s just how you want it. I can make up to 3 revisions for you at no extra charge

Can you edit my existing content for a lower rate?

I don’t currently offer an editing service, because I find re-writing content to a high standard involves the same amount of work as composing from scratch. I’m happy to rewrite any existing content for you, including keyword research, for my usual rate.

I’m a startup. Can you give me some advice on how to promote my new business online?

Yes! If you’re new to running a business and you’re using one of my services, I can email a list of marketing options tailored to you. And check out my blog, which is a great resource for small businesses and startups.

I want something written that’s not listed in your services. Can you help?

Yes. If you need something different, you’re very welcome to get in touch with me. Perhaps you’d like some copy that isn’t for the internet (gasp). I can write compelling copy for packaging, press releases and more, and I’ll be happy to help you, or refer you to someone who can.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? If you’ve a different question, let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

If you’d like to benefit from some compelling content get in touch with me.